Customer Feedback
Fibrelime always welcomes feedback from our customers. If you have any comments regarding our products, please feel free to contact us.

Martin Douglas, Plasterer (Northumberland)
Tel: 07894 792263
“I used Fibrelime Plaster as a one coat system onto Magnesium Silicate Board to provide a breathable finishing coat to 2 bay windows in a Townhouse built in the 1800’s and with no cavity in the wall. I found the Fibrelime slightly different to apply compared with gypsum based plasters although I also found it quite tough to mix, I used a single paddle plaster mixer on a slow setting, I think a smaller paddle would mix better. Most of the fibrelime coat was about 3-5mm in thickness, although I did have to build out in places up to 30mm, this I done with absolutely no problem and with no sag or slump in the plaster. I liked the finish the Fibrelime leaves and though I encountered air pockets while trowelling up, I polished these out the following day leaving a nice flat finish. 10 out of 10 from me.”

Richard Westwood (West Midlands)
Tel: 07816 581559
“Thanks For the Fantastic Plastering Products. Just a quick email to say that the client is over the moon with your products. I for one have loved using them they work so well I take my hat off to you your on to a winner there. ”

Graham Baster (G A Baster Plastering)
“We have used Fibrelime over the last six months on various applications and I must say that we have been extremely pleased with the results. It has amazing bond and set qualities and is very user friendly. A fantastic product”

ABM Plastering, Diss (Norfolk)
Tel: 07842 096656
“Hello, Just a short note to say this week I used your Fibrelime for the first time and what a fantastic product, easy to use, great finish, in all I used 22 tubs and the customer is really happy with the result.”

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