Fibrelime is available in tubs for convenience (approximate weight 24kg)
A 24kg tub will cover 1 metre square at 14mm thick.

Best Practice:
Please see BEST PRACTICE for appropriate thickness and application guidelines.

Woodwool board application:
We have additional guidance for application on BEST PRACTICE WOODWOOL

Health and Safety: DOWNLOAD HERE

Test data: Available to DOWNLOAD HERE

Vapour Permeability: DOWNLOAD HERE

Thermal Conductivity: The measured thermal conductivity in the dry state for Fibrelime is 0.1911 W/mK. based on BS EN 12664:2001 (heat flow meter method).

Terms and conditions:
For Terms and Conditions, please refer here
The above documents are available in PDF format requiring Adobe Reader.

Technical Contact:
For all technical inquiries or further information about Fibrelime, please contact: